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My First site
Friday, 26 December 2003
Essay about Executing a woman
Executing a woman is very bad thing for the socitey.It has both advantages and disadvantages.I would like to talk about the disadvantages.
There are some disadvantages of executing a woman.First,when the woman been executed that will cause problems.For example,the family will be lost.Second,the father will be tired more than before.For example,he will take care of his family by himself.Finally,it can be expensive to decide whether or not to execut a woman.we may cause an innocent person to die.These are just several disadvantages of executing a woman.
Executing a woman is very dangerous thing for the socitey.Executing a woman that will cause problems,the father will be tired more than before and it can be expensive to decide wether or not to execut a woman.I think executing of a woman is a bad thing.

Posted by khalid-7 at 3:54 PM EST
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Saturday, 1 November 2003
How to recognize a quackery person?

There are many ways to recognize a quackery person.First,quacks want to sell products for illnesses that have no cure because their products do not really work.For example,since AIDS has no cure ,the treatment for it is a popular quackery.Second,there are many things a person can look for to determine if a product is real or comes from aquack.For example,quacks often lie a bout their product or treatment.Thirdly,people will often go to quack because they want an easy answer for their problem.For example,people go to quacks to get a variety of treatments.Fourthly,if you are worried a bout buying something from a quack ,there are people and organization that can help you.This means you can ask a doctor a bout a product to he sure it is not a quackery.Finally,it is dangerous to use a quacks products.For instance,a person illness could get worse while using a quacks product.These are a few ways to recognize a quackery person.

Posted by khalid-7 at 12:58 AM EST
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Tuesday, 28 October 2003
Preseting My Self
My name is khalid.I am 18 years.I live in Kuwait City.I student in Kuwait Universty.I like all sports specailly foot ball.My favourite car is Ferrari.I dislike tea and pepsi.

Posted by khalid-7 at 3:33 AM EST
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Sunday, 26 October 2003
Things to do at the beach
There are many things that you can do at the beach.First,you can go swimming with your frineds.This is very healthy activity.Second,you can fish and catch some fish.The Arabian Gulf is full of tasty fish.Finally,you and your family can have apicnic in the fresh air.This is a good way for the family to get together.These are just some of the things you can do at the beach.

Posted by khalid-7 at 3:54 AM EDT
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Ways look for ajob

Posted by khalid-7 at 3:34 AM EDT
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Posted by khalid-7 at 3:31 AM EDT
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